Quietly about games

I just finished watching an “issue” of the escapist on non-combat games, and I am compelled to comment. I must first complement these people on an excellent product. I rarely have any complaints when I watch these. BUT NOT THIS TIME!

First, re-using mechanics from combat for non-combat purposes is a great (though not new) idea. The real genius in this section is the example of the “convince” bar. This kind of visual representation is lost in most mechanics (even combat ones) and in most games. More visual representation of what we’re doing!!!!

Second, the reason combat is more interesting and desirable in a game is that I can talk in real life. I can’t cut a demi-god’s head off in real life. I also can’t be president in real life, but if I need to talk to become president, we’re back to real life. Now, if I had to kill zombies to be president, we’re back in business.


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